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2008 Land Rover LR2



+ tax, tag, title fee(s)
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Stock #1124
MakeLand Rover
MPG16.0 City / 23.0 Hwy
Engine3.2l I-6 MFI Dohc 3.2l


Land Rover for under $5000 that drives great! Oh....but the miles are high. Ok, but it drives good, doesn't have any check engine lights on and appears to have been very well cared for. There are car and trucks with 500k miles out there that still drive great. It all comes down to how a vehicle was treated and this particular one looks like the owner really cared for it. If you want less miles, you will be paying over $8000 for a Land Rover like this. Want to spend under $5000....then I have what you are looking for right here! I'm a big believer to put your money where your mouth is....if I say a high mileage car is good then I should drive one. Well I do...I drive a 180k mile supercharged Jaguar XF. I don't understand why anybody would waste their money on a low mileage vehicle when a higher mileage well cared for one will drive just as good and save them lots of money! Don't fall into the mileage trap that society tries to convince you of, save money and drive something cool! Risk takers are the ones in life that accomplish the most and get to have the coolest experiences. Don't live your life in fear of what if's...use logic and live life to the fullest. Come drive this Land Rover...I'm sure it will sell itself to you.


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